Esencias 'A Moment For You'


Find harmony with your senses and open your heart.

A ‘Moment For You’ has been designed to help you unwind and reconnect. For you to enjoy some time out that is entirely yours and breathe deep from within.

Light your candle whilst running a bath to activate the delicate aromas and guide you down the path to tranquillity.

Place your crystal on the edge of your bath or submerge it in water to stimulate its healing properties.

Add your bath salts and feel the magic unfold as you immerse your body in the warm, soothing water, and surrender to the remedial powers of the salts and oils. Allow your mind to calm and your body to relax. 

Whatever moment it is you crave - perhaps a slice of quiet before bed or some time to ignite creativity - this is all about you.

Candle and bath salts are made in our Esencias Signature Jars.

Our single wood wicked jars have an elegant, rustic feel - they’re guaranteed to elevate and stimulate the mood in any space with their warm amber glow.

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