Gracious Minds

Gracious Minds Daily Photosynthesis Retinol Alternative


A plant-based alternative to synthetic retinol. Rich in natural Vitamin A actives with collagen stimulating, skin firming and antioxidant properties. An intense infusion of Cold-pressed Bakuchiol and Broccoli Seed plant extracts all utilise a form of Vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself faster.

Broccoli seed oil contains linoleic acid which promotes ceramide synthesis. Ceramides are found in the top layers of the skin, which regulate skin cells and also help form a protective layer that retains moisture and visibly plumps the skin.  Studies on Bakuchiol extract have shown that it helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and helps with pigmentation, elasticity, and firmness. It works through the same receptors that synthetic retinol uses.

30ML For: Anti-ageing | Sensitive Skin | Dry Skin | Combination Skin | Oily Skin

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