MAHO Sensory

Maho Sensory Sticks - Rose Bois


Combining natural, aromatic resin with a refined blend of premium perfumes, MAHŌ Sensory Sticks release a delicate, timeless fragrance when burned. 

Palm to palm, kiss to kiss, the ethos of new love is found in Rose Bois. Breathing fresh cut Roses, indulgent in rich Cocoa, this fragrance whispers notes of Sandalwood like a poem between two lovers.

The Rose Bois scent embodies top notes of sandalwood, middle notes of cocoa beans, and base notes of rose.

Enjoy this innovation on the classic incense and fill your space with fragrances that will activate the senses and invigorate the soul.

Includes 30 incense sticks. Burn time of each incense is approximately 60 mins. 30 hours total burn time.

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