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Soulful Organic Ceremonial Cacao


This organic ceremonial cacao is sourced ethically from its native habitat in Peru through a cooperative of local and farmers who practice sustainable, organic and traditional harvesting of the sacred Theobroma Cacao plant.

The spiritual energy of the plant begins from cultivation of the pod and is honoured right through to harvest and is then packaged with love and positive intention. This cacao will keep your vibe high, your heart open and your life force strong.

Nutritionally, cacao is packed with iron, magnesium, calcium, antioxidants, zinc and more.

Cacao also contains neurotransmitters and neuro-modulators that are already present in our brain such as neropinephrine (the joy molecule), seretonin (the stress buster), dopamine (the pleasure giver), anandamine (the pain moderator), and phenylethylamine (for focus). It’s not unusual to feel a buzz of high after consuming a ceremonial dose.

To serve, simply simmer 15g of cacao per cup of plant milk and mix with a stick blender or whisk. Cacao is naturally bitter so ensure to sweeten with honey, maple or agave to your liking.

Double the serving size for a ceremonial dose when engaging in meditation, breathwork, creative projects etc.


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