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MELIS room and linen scent


Deep Woods (grapefruit, forest fir & cedar) – this exhilarating yet sophisticated woody scent is derived from fresh fir needle, rosemary, grapefruit, patchouli and cedarwood. Recommended to scent your room and linen.

Sensual Spice (rose geranium & ylang ylang) – rose geranium, sage, ylang ylang and lime induce an atmosphere of harmony and inspiration. Recommended to scent your room and linen.

Vanillin Myrtle (lemon myrtle, mandarin & vanilla) – a warm and uplifting atmosphere is created using a careful blend of native lemon myrtle, mandarin and our own vanilla bean tincture. Suitable for room scent only – not recommended on linen.

Summer Rose  (rose geranium , tangerine & frankincense) – an atmosphere of peace, love and joy is imparted by this summery blend of lavender, clary sage, tangerine, frankincense and rose geranium. Suitable as room spray only and our latest batch is not recommended to spray on linen.

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