Rose Earthed Yoga Mat


The Rose mat features a unique design that combines sacred geometry and botanical symbolism to allow for gentle focus and steady alignment during asana and meditation. Inspired by Indian architecture and the radiating energy which permeates from the colourful depictions of gods and goddesses illustrated in Hinduism. Pink Roses symbolise happiness, grace, and gratitude. 

Earthed Yoga Mats are designed in Australia and manufactured in China under ethical workplace standards. They are made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, open-cell natural tree rubber. No PVC, PER, TPE used. 100% Latex free. They use water-based ink for printing, which is non toxic and 100% eco-friendly. Each yoga mat comes with a FREE yoga mat strap.

Earthed yoga mats are purposefully designed to inspire a daily yoga and meditation practice. Their mats are made with a layer of sustainable cork on top of natural tree rubber. Cork has a soft, smooth and earthy feeling, with incredible grip, and is naturally antibacterial. Suitable for all styles of yoga both a stable, sweaty vinyasa practice and a more nurturing restorative practice. No awkward towel needed for your hot practice. 


Size: 180cm x 65cm (4.5mm thick) 

Weight: 3kg

For added traction, spray our Yoga Mat Spray or sprinkle water on your mat where your hands and feet go before practice.

Care Instructions:

In between practices, spray cork surface with a natural yoga mat spray and wipe with a damp cloth. After multiple hot style practices, wash with warm soapy water, allow to air dry with the mat lying flat.

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